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Blackfriars & Trinity House Prices

Everything You Need to Know About House Prices in Blackfriars & Trinity

The average sold house price in Blackfriars & Trinity is £000,000 and the median is £000,000 for all types of houses. The average is highly influenced by outliers (overpriced and underpriced houses). The median is much more resilient against outliers and is therefore more representative.


Average Price*


Median Price*

* based on 0.0 most recent transactions. Data source: Land Registry

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House Price by Type

Price Segments

Prices for each house type are sorted in an ascending order and divided up into 10 equal segments (i.e. deciles). This chart sheds light on the sparsity (how far apart) of prices for the given area.


The histogram shows the number (i.e. the frequency) of house prices within each price range. For this chart, we limit the price range to £50K ~ £1M as prices outside this range are outliers in most cases.

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House Price, Rent and Liquidity Score for Blackfriars & Trinity, Salford, North West