UK House Price Map (Beta)

Our interactive map allows you to navigate house price data in Britain to discover uniquely interesting insights that are impossible to spot elsewhere.

Simply hover the mouse or tap over an area to interact with. Zooming in reveals more fine-grained data while zooming out reveals more generalised data. Make sure the area you want to zoom-in into is at the centre mark marker

By default, the map shows the number of sold houses at a regional-level. You can switch to viewing the median prices as well as the average prices from the select menu at the bottom-left. Zooming in reveals destrict-level (local authority) data for the region at the centre of the map. Zooming in again reveals ward-level data for the district at the centre of the map. Before zooming, pan or drag the map so that the area of interest is at or near the centre.

Data source: Land Registry Price Paid dataset from 01/01/2020.

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