Investing in the World's First Open Property Marketplace

The real estate industry is broken. According to a recent study, estate agents are among the least trusted professionals in the UK, ranking below both lawyers and traffic wardens.

However, there is good news. At REXSMART, we are working towards a solution: an open marketplace that connects sellers with buyers, and everyone in between.

Getting the valuation right is only the first step, and this is what AccuVal is all about. AccuVal is a novel, AI based property Valuation as a Service (VaaS) platform available as a web app as well as via an API. It targets individual landlords, homebuyers and large enterprises aiming to automate their property valuation workflow.

At present, we are totally self-funded, thanks to the exceptional analytical and technical skills of our small team (which is 100% based in London, btw). However, like many tech startups, we may change our position at a later stage and seek funding to accelerate growth and expand our solution portfolio.

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