Automated Property Valuation as a Service

The Only Property Automated Valuation Platform in the UK Underpinned by Artificial Intelligence

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Accurate by Design

Serious valuation, not another lead generation!

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Uncompromised Simplicity

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State of the Art Technology

Underpinned by AI and Machine Learning

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90%+ Accuracy In 30 Seconds

Step 1: Define the property to value

Step 2: Click the calculator button

Step 3: Use the provided insights to adjust the valuation based on your property’s unique features

The Indispensable Tool For

Lenders and Insurers

Cutting-age Estate Agents

Property Developers

Housing Associations and Local Authorities

Landlords and Home Buyers

Property Investors

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Really! Can I Trust “Machine” Valuation?

AccuVAl Property Valuation Benchmark

We tested AccuVal against 20,938 properties soled all over Britain between June and August 2021. We compared AccuVal’s valuation against the actual sold prices from Land Registry.

For every 100 properties, 85 were valued with over 75% accuracy, 50 with over 90% accuracy and 30 with near-perfect accuracy.

With the wealth of information and evidence supplied by AccuVal for every valuation, it’s possible to adjust the automated valuation to reach over 90% accuracy for any property from the convenience of your desk.

PS: the whole valuation exercise above took just a few seconds to complete.

Read more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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