Frequently Asked Questions

Has AccuVal been approved by “major” ratings agencies?

At REXSMART, we strongly believe that trust is something that we must “earn” via hard work, customer obsession and dedication rather than “buy”. It is you that should approve it, not some for-profit agencies that have every incentive to rubber-stamp ratings. If you are happy, then rating agencies can go eat doughnuts!

Can I use AccuVal for my mortgage application?

Nothing stops you from using AccuVal to get a fair, neutral and objective valuation. Lenders tend to require a human signature on the dotted line (someone’s got to take the blame when things go south!). It is unlikely that they would accept it – at least not for the time being.

My house is very unique. Can AccuVal value it accurately?

This can be a bit troublesome for us. If your house has special architectural or historic interest, then automated valuation in general won’t do and AccuVal is no exception here.

Can I use your website for professional purposes?

Feel free to do so. We appreciate you crediting us for it, though.

How much does it cost to value a property?

Doing valuations on our website is free of charge. We don’t even ask for your email address or phone number.

If it is really free, then how do you pay the bills?

We also offer valuations via API for enterprises looking to automate their valuation workflows. This service is behind a subscription wall, which helps cover some of our cost and offer the service to you for free.

What do you do with my personal data?

Nothing! Only the IP address is recorded for logging purposes (for a limited period of time), and it’s not linked to your email or phone (we don’t ask for them in the first place). Overall, we have no useful data that can be linked to you as a person.

The data about my house are inaccurate. Can you fix it?

We get your house’s data from the EPC certificate. If the data are incorrect, or indeed your house isn’t in our database, then most likely the problem is on the EPC side. Rest assured! You can still use the Advanced Valuation page to get an accurate valuation. Just make sure to enter the data correctly.

My house wasn’t valued accurately by AccuVal! Can you fix it?

Less than 1% of our valuations can be off for various reasons, with incorrect floor area being the most frequent one. Check the data we have about your house and use the Advanced Valuation page. If the data are correct but you believe the valuation was off, please let us know.

What countries or regions do you cover?

At present, we cover England and Wales. We plan to expand to Scotland and Northern Ireland in due course.

AccuVal is way more accurate than any AVM I have used before. What kind of witchcraft have you applied!?

It’s data science, not witchcraft! We are proud to be the first to successfully leverage Machine Learning to reach or even exceed human accuracy for the vast majority of properties. In fact, as of late 2023, 72% of the tested properties are valued within 5% margin of error, and a whopping 95% of properties within 10% margin of error (we benchmarked against over 500K properties sold in 2022). We don’t blame ya for suspecting it was witchcraft :)

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