About AccuVal

Have you ever stopped at an estate agents shopfront or website and gazed at your dream house? Gorgeous photographs, basic info, an optional price tag, and thatโ€™s about it! Very little to help you make a sound decision.

For so long, the real estate sector has flourished by withholding vital information from buyers and sellers. As a result, selling a house can be a frustrating journey, surrounded by mysteries but more dangerously, overshadowed by conflict of interests.

At AccuVal, we take inspiration from Amazon and how they have the customer at the centre of everything. Despite having tens of millions of products, finding the product you are looking for is simple; ordering it is simple, getting it delivered is simple and when something goes wrong, there is a robust process to return the item or get a refund.

The first step towards a truly disruptive and transparent real estate marketplace is to get the property valuation right. This is what AccuVal is all about: accurate, transparent and instantaneous property valuation for everyone.

About the Founder

Some people make good engineers, others make good entrepreneurs. Jaafar is fortunate to be gifted with both.

Born and grew up in Bahrain โ€“ a little country in the middle of the Persian/Arabian Gulf with strong culture of care and respect for others.

Started his IT career as an intern in a local computer shop in the late 90โ€™s where he assembled personal computers and supported customers. He quickly advanced his education and career and finally got head-haunted by American Express to support and manage their large IT Infrastructure.

In late 2012, Jaafar moved to the UK and settled down in London. He began developing interest in data science, machine learning and AI. He decided to take up a challenge that no one else has had. Having gone through the pain of finding a good and affordable place to live in, the properties and real estate sector began to make a lot of sense.

Husband, father, blogger, enthusiast photographer and a coffee lover.

Fun fact! All photographs on this website were taken by my camera ๐Ÿ™‚

Jaafar Almusaad

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