A Lifetime Opportunity

According to RICS 2017 report “The Future of Valuations“, AI will play a critical rule in property valuation, either by complementing human valuers, or replacing them altogether. We believe that “future” is already here, and AccuVal is the proof.

AccuVal will help shake up the property listing market. Automating valuation with AI (that actually works) is just the first step. For this reason, we look forward to working with investors that have vision for the future.

6 Reasons to invest in AccuVal

1. Pioneering Technology

While hand-written automated valuation algorithms are nothing new, AccuVal uses Machine Learning. This means AccuVal can scale to cover the entire country. It’s also far more robust and reliable but more critically, its valuations are completely objective and impartial. AccuVal has been awarded the best online valuation website by the Property Investor Academy.

2. Low Risk

AccuVal is already being used by thousands of individuals as well as businesses in production. The feedback has been more than great.

3. Low Cost

Too good to be true, but true! AccuVal has been developed from concept to completion by the founder, using his own limited personal resources. Imagine how far it can go with adequate funding?

4. High ROI

Thanks to the extremely high degree of automation and technical efficiency, AccuVal costs next to nothing to operate and scale.

5. High Impact

Instant yet reliable property valuation is new to the market. It will create new possibilities and truly shake up the market.


We created AccuVal to underpin REEXM, the first self-service property marketplace, which will connect sellers to buyers and everyone else in between.

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