What’s next for AccuVal?

After many months of beta testing and user feedback (thanks to everyone that got involved), it’s time to move on and build the final version. This will involve a complete rebuild to make it:

More user friendly
The valuation form will be integrated directly into the website, which will be mobile-first design. More importantly, many users preferred to select the property from a list instead of “defining” it, so we will make both options available. For existing properties, users can pick the address whereas for non-existing or changed properties, users can define them via simple drop-down selectors and radio buttons.

AccuVal currently takes about 4 ~ 6 seconds to generate a valuation and the accompanying report. Our target is to cut the time by half. The API (which currently takes between 0.08 and 0.1 seconds) will also double in speed and throughput.

More accurate
The current beta is by far the most accurate in the UK (achieving close to 90% accuracy for 90% of all residential properties). However, that’s not an excuse to get lazy! We are including additional attributes and re-training the AI to break our own record.

Same price
And yeah, it will continue to be free for personal use 🙂

Curious how much your house is worth? Value it with AccuVal at https://accuval.co.uk

By Jaafar

Founder of AccuVal