Should I Learn Python to Become a Data Scientist?

Every now and then, I get asked this question by friends and colleagues who want to jump the AI ship. Wages are skyrocketing so why not?

Python is one of many high-level programming languages. It’s recently become very popular due to it’s simple syntax and perhaps because all popular machine learning “libraries” are supported, including TensorFlow, MXNet and H2O.

However, building an AI system that works in production environments requires far more than “just” a few lines of code. Why? Because AI is a multidisciplinary subject.

Reliable, scalable, responsive, secure and unbiased AI requires practical knowledge of Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Databases, Data Mining, Project Management and more in addition to some background in mathematics (and lots of coffee).

To cut the long story short, learning how to code in Python (or whatever) is far from enough. You will need to broaden your knowledge, or join a diverse team that will cover your back

By Jaafar

Founder of AccuVal